Chicago Involvement


Former Housing Director for a Black Think Tank Entitled "The Black Strategy Center" in Chicago, Il.
Former Midwest Regional Training Director for the National Association of Minority Contractors.
International Vice President for Training Allied Workers International Union. This was the only Black independent union recognized by the U.S. Labor Department.
Former Board Member, Union National Bank, now a part of Seaway National Bank, one of the largest Black owned banks in America.
Assisted the first Black owned bus company in the City of Chicago to receive a Public Utility License.
Fernwood United Methodist was the site of the first church to open its educational building as headquarters for voter registration and political education in the Get-Out-The Vote Campaign for the Harold Washington Election.
Founding member and treasurer of Task Force for Black Political Empowerment, the grass roots parallel organization to the Harold Washington Campaign. Member of Mayor Harold Washington's Task Force on Hunger.
Co-chaired Mayor Harold Washington's Neighborhood Hearing on Hunger with Sister Julia Huiskamp of the Catholic Church.
Member of the Harold Washington's Finance Committee.
Vice-Chairman of Mayor Harold Washington's First Source Task force, which became legislation for the creation of jobs.
During the Harold Washington days we introduced the "Soul Slate, a political education project to assist the African American community to elect politicians.
Former President of the Council of Black Churches which organized 800-1200 summer students to take computer classes under Mayor Harold Washington's MET Program.
One of the speakers at the Million Man March in Washington, DC on October 16, 1995 and organizer in the leadership circle which gave birth to the Chicago Million Man March Metropolitan Area Planning Corporation. We have helped brothers and sisters on death row such as Anthony Porter and Aaron Patterson. 
With the aid of a team of lawyers we have helped expunge Brothers and Sisters records through a program called Operation Clean Slate. We now have legislation called the "Expungement Act", house Bill 2033.
We worked with Legislators in regards to House Bill 1913 The African American Child Welfare Act.
Founding members appointed by Governor James Edgar and re-appointed by current Governor George Ryan, by executive order along with 30 other Black Leaders to create the African American Family Commission.
Former Chairman of the legislative committee African American Family Commission.
Board Member of the University of Illinois College of Urban  Business.
Executive Board member of National Organization of Minority Franchise Owner.
Former President-Chicago Black United Methodist Clergy or Northern Illinois.
Former Community Representative of Local School Council of Harlan High School and Fernwood. Elementary School.